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A Review of Five Consumer Fruit and Vegetable Juicers

In the world of juicers and food processors, shopping typically becomes an exercise in getting what you pay for. Lower price products typically have limited capabilities, so it is important to read the box to make sure the juicer your are contemplating is up to juicing the fruits, vegetables, nuts, or grains that you wish to process. Cheaper juicers are usually only capable of handling citrus fruits, while expensive models are capable of much more. This article contains a review of five juicers. Depending on local selection, you can pick up three of these in stores, but all of them are available on-line. The first four featured can be purchased on or via the review site The Jack Lalanne model is available exclusively from it’s own web-site.
The Breville BJE200XL has a purchase price of $99.99 which is kind of the upper level of the mid-price range for a good juicer. It has a good rotation that assists greatly in maximizing the amount of juice separated before the pulp is stored. The pulp storage space doesn’t need to be emptied quiet as regularly as many juicers, which is handy when you are making more than the isolated 8-ounce glass of juice. This juicer isn’t as enormous as many of the models on the market. It measures approximately 9 by 9 at the base and is nearly 16 inches tall. It is a solid purchase for a person who will mostly be juicing fruits and vegetables that contain a sizeable moisture content.

The Black &┬áDecker CJ525 “CitrusMate” Juicer runs at a price of $19.99. This juicer is ideal for someone who wants to make a daily glass of orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc. or juice a citrus fruit, such as a lime or lemon for a recipe. This juicer is neat in that it features a pulp control so you can adjust your intake! I prefer pulpy, and with this juicer that is an option.

Hamilton Beach 67650H runs at around $69.95 depending on your location. This stainless steel juicer has a large-mouth that allows for feeding bigger pieces of your favorite fruit or veggie, or even whole fruits (of smaller varieties) into the juicer. It comes with a handy little cup and a dishwasher safe pulp container. This model is mostly suited for fruits and vegetables of a more moderate to high moisture content. Drier foods present a problem.

The Oster 3186 is the bargain bin juicer. Depending on where you shop, this juicer will cost between $15.00-$25.00. This juicer advertises itself as a quiet model, but it is not so quiet that it wouldn’t disturb someone who was near to it during operation. It will not, however, resonate throughout the entire house. As you might expect, based on the price, this juicer is pretty much strictly for orange and other citrus juices.

I have never, personally used a Jack Lalanne product, but I have heard nothing but great things about them from the people who own them. I have decided to feature the Jack LaLanne Power Juice Elite in this article. Our former model was the bargain bin, the Jack Lalanne Elite is the polar opposite. This juicer (according to its infomercial) is three easy installments of $49.99. None of my friends have ever used this juicer past typical fruits and vegetables, but it is advertised as being able to “juice” milk alternatives such as soy and almond milks.

Next time you are contemplating buying a juicer, do your research, read the boxes, and read between the lines on the boxes to be sure you are buying a product equipped to fill your juicing needs!