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Ways to Save Money for a Family Road Trip

Make a Road Trip Scrap Book

Make a travel itinerary scrap book, for incentive, with all the places your family wants to visit while venturing out for a road trip, across state or across country. Use postcards, magazine pictures, and downloaded information from favorite travel sites, about your ultimate destination, and all the stops to make along the way.

On the last page of your travel wish-scrap book glue an envelope, to hold all the money you are going to be saving following the suggestions below. Add your family’s combined savings to the envelope every month, and by summer your family will be able to hit the open road.

Solid Savings Tips

Plan your income taxes – before you file, make sure all the donations to church and charitable organizations have been delivered with receipts (even if you just delivered them) and take the write-off toward last years taxes.

Prepare your own taxes online – to save $25.00 to $400.00 this year, and every year. If you are scheduled to receive a tax refund, plan to add at least 10% of that refund to your trip fund.

Eat at Home – no restaurants or drive-thru fast food diners, will have your family of four pocketing an extra $100.00 per month (from lack of weekly dine-outs).

Keep a change jar for extra coins – we all do it anyway, but no looting, and roll the coins up or employ a local coin-changing machine every month.

Consolidate all normal errands – getting to the bank, gas station, cleaners, and other stops on the way to, and from your grocery shopping trips, will not only save money on gasoline and time, but is better for the overall life of your car.

Invest in some travel gear – Although you may have to spend initially on some travel items such as a travel mug, you will save in the long run as you do not have to keep buying coffees from coffee shops.

Earning Additional Income

Yard sales and garage sales – are a great way to reorganize your life and your living spaces. The rule is if you haven’t used something in a year, sell it, and donate the leftovers to your local church or thrift store.

Neighborhood car wash – have your teens organize a neighborhood car wash once a week charging $5.00 per car, or $20.00 for detailing. I would pay this much for service I did not have to drive to.

Dog walking – your teens can walk the neighbor’s dogs, daily after school, or on the weekends, to earn extra road-trip cash.

Allow your savings to dictate how far you get on your family road trip, heading home as soon as half the vacation money is spent. Take lots of pictures and when you get home, replace the pictures from your wish book with those of your family, and you’ll have a wonderful family-vacation scrap book too!